To help people create a future that is bigger than their past through digitally disruptive businesses providing freedom and growth.


To inspire and teach thousands of people to embrace new digital opportunities to get ‘in motion’ to find their freedom.


To provide location and time freedom to reimagine your earning potential and realise your ambitions. To bring enjoyment to you that actively engages you, blurring the lines between work-life balance.  To give you the sense that you are in control rather than being burdened. Constant growth and opportunity.


Freedom . Happiness .  Love . Connection . Contribution . Abundance


Truth – understand causality and don’t let emotion in the moment bias your thinking and actions

Learning – with continuous learning comes understanding and clarity

Flexibility - every part of our society is being impacted by new technologies and you need to adapt your approaches to keep up with the changes. You need to constantly shift your thinking and mindset to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

Curiosity – have a curious mind to question and understand

People - connect to different people to expand your thinking, discover new resources and seek out different perspectives

Charles and his mentees
You never know how who you help can go on to help the world.  If you make someone’s day, smile at them, give them a chance, coach them or inspire them, hold them accountable or teach them lessons, they may go on to do the same for others in the future. 
By doing good for just one person, in just one moment, you can affect the trajectory of many things, of many lives, all over the world.  Even if in some situations it’s not easy to be kind, gracious or positive, it’s not just that moment that you are affecting, and its many moments into the future. Now that’s powerful!
— Charles Millar, The ECommerce Guy