Business fundamentals & hacks to make everyday ecommerce tasks easier…

Understanding your business in detail is critical to any profitable business, developing the roadmap, foundation and protection you need for long-term success. Most online businesses require building a brand that customers can connect with so you’ll need to learn about the power of colour, font selection, photography and logos. Sitting at the heart of your brand will be proven tools, strategies and layouts for creating an intuitive and compelling online appearance. You’ll also want to orchestrate a well-planned and effective launch strategy to drive pre-orders, sales and sign-ups. As your business builds opportunities exist to harness social media to promote, engage with and build a loyal audience. 

You’ll need to measure and manage your key outputs and performance indicators to stop guessing and start controlling your growth. There are a number of proven tools and tech on the market to run the analytics allowing you to make informed decisions. You’ll want to gain the discipline to remain intentionally small and powerful. Understanding how to run your business with balance and systems in place to ensure your business isn’t dependent on you working in it to succeed is easier than you might think – especially in an online environment where tools exist to automate many of the essential everyday tasks.   

Within my ecommerce businesses we have a whole stack of ‘go-to’ tools and hacks that allow us to manage our businesses effectively making sure we’re dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s.

Check out some of these go to resources that make my ecommerce life easier every day

Canva - for design and creation of visuals

Mailchimp – for email marketing 

‘Kit’ – a marketing ‘bot’ integrated with our Shopify ecommerce store

Gifmaker – to turn image stills into animated/flashing images 

Feedback Genius – to send automated emails to your Amazon customers

Cash Cow Pro – everyday dashboard and number cruncher

Managed by Stats – extract financial data to generate your profit and loss

Zapier – workflow automation – to streamline the most repetitive tasks

In any ecommerce business, there are hundreds if not thousands of small tasks that take between two and five minutes to execute. Individually, they never appear to be a significant time-waster. Together, however, they can affect productivity and hamper growth. 

Automation simplifies these tasks, drives efficiency, and allows you to experiment.