5 Reasons Why Charitable Giving Can Give You An E-commerce Edge

Business today is more about making money and providing products to consumers, than about a meaningful exchange or making a difference. However, research shows that when choosing between two online brands that sell the same product, similar in price and quality, online customers would rather support a company that gives back. Stands to reason, right? Supporting charities can have huge benefits to you and your online business.

Here are 5 reasons why your ecommerce business should donate to charity:

1. Positive Branding

Getting your ecommerce business involved in charitable giving shows that you are concerned about the wellbeing of your community and the world. It shows that you want to make a difference. And it shows that you are not solely focused on making money.

Charitable giving puts your business in a positive light; no one can argue the downside of donating to a worthy cause. Ecommerce brands that take an active role in giving are generally viewed more favorably than those that do not have established charitable giving initiatives. Having goals and a company vision that goes beyond products and profits provides a more welcoming image of your online business that consumers will be more eager to engage with.

2. Gain Customer Support

Ecommerce businesses owe it to their online communities to give back and get involved. By doing so, you gain trust among your customer base, especially if your charity giving efforts can resonate with your target audience. By supporting the causes your consumers care about you gain their trust, attention and respect. Not sure what matters to your customers? Ask them!

4. Free PR

Getting involved in charitable giving efforts gives your business a chance to promote itself in partnership with the effort or organization. Send out press releases with photos highlighting your efforts to online media outlets, post on your social media channels and brand website, and note your charitable activities in marketing materials and even on your packaging.

Consider providing special discounts to customers associated with the charity or donating a certain percentage of your sales to the cause. This will not only give you more publicity but enhance the loyalty among your customers by making more personal connections.

Take advantage of networking opportunities with other donors to get your business name out there and promote your involvement.

5. Giving Back Is Good For You

The most rewarding reason why your ecommerce business should give to charity is for the feeling you get from helping others. Your online business has the power to have a voice for causes you and your customers are passionate about.

An effective strategic giving programme provides a way for your business to give thanks to customers and give back to the larger world community. Both will benefit you and your business. So… embrace the spirit and discover how giving can give you an ecommerce edge.

I’m convinced….so what next?

If you want to support charities or other non-profits and allow customers to donate from your online store (if you have one), you could implement a donation programme. Here are some examples of donation apps and plugins for the various ecommerce platforms. Or simply use your brand website, email marketing and product packaging to direct people to the source at which you want to collect donations.

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