Charles Millar aka The Ecommerce Guy

Charles Millar is a leading Ecommerce trainer based in the UK. He has a proven, simple recipe for creating a successful online business selling products online without having to make, handle or ship them. He teaches and inspires hundreds of people to become Ecommerce Business Owners.

Charles blends expert training and support with all the tools people need to start or grow a profitable and scalable business online.

Charles has a background in IT having worked for several large global blue-chip firms including UBS, Aviva and Hewlett Packard. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2010 when he realised that he didn't want to be a long-term careerist. He knew there must be other more enjoyable and profitable options out there. Charles has since developed multiple streams of income comprising property investment, digital marketing and ecommerce.



Education - the need to learn and grow is a natural instinct for human beings. We can learn and grow by finding more efficient ways to do our jobs. Where there is growth, there is innovation, and this is a breeding ground for more positive and refreshing perspectives toward ourselves and others. Charles loves to learn and is making it his life's mission to never stop learning - "if you are green you grow, if you are ripe you rot."

Charles is a prolific learner and has read or listened to thousands of books and podcasts covering some of the world’s most notable business and personal development content.

Wealth - having a legacy and purpose, with high levels of health and energy, to develop rich relationships, funded heavily and freely by assets and income. Money is the vehicle that fuels the legacy, health and energy allow us to fulfil it and rich relationships share and expand the legacy and give it meaning, which all in turn create more money. And thus, it continues to fulfil itself.

Charles is someone who gets business, who has seen success, who understands the power of a positive mindset and someone who is willing to volunteer time to mentor and partner with others and support them with their journey.

Digital Disruption - There is no other time in history that people will go from buying products offline to ONLINE and this means that more people than ever before have a very exciting opportunity to capitalise on the growing explosion of online retail. Charles invites you to become a reputable 'e-tailer' and set up an ethical online business that could become your main source of income and build you an asset that could be sold for a six-figure sum in the future.

What HE'S Achieved


  • From launch to profit-making in just 9 months

  • 85% of students mentored hit a profit within their first year of business

  • $500,000 turnover in the last 12 months (2017-18)

  • Regularly hitting 24% net profit


  • Traffic, Sales & Conversion strategies

  • Creator of the TRIAD sales influencer model

  • Amazon private label selling

  • Strategies to scale existing ecommerce businesses

  • Business growth & development

  • Harnessing digital disruption online

  • Ecommerce training and mentoring

  • Public speaking – ecommerce thought-leader

Get in touch:

To book me to speak on ecommerce, invite me along to your event, chat to me about how ecommerce can work for you or find out more about how I can help you with your online business challenges and opportunities contact me via LinkedIn or email me